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Aug 102013

How to use the word “run” in English (

  • run = go fast
  • run = to be working
  • run = try to get elected (elected ผู้ได้รับเลือก)

ศัพท์ที่เกี่ยวกับ RUN

  • A horse can run fast. (go fast)
  • This is a photocopier. It’s not running right now. (to be working)
  • …water runs… (to be working)
  • …a computer runs… (to be working)
  • …a car runs… (to be working)
  • Barack Obama ran for President of the U.S. and he was elected! (try to get elected)

run กับกริยา3ช่องของ run/ran/run (กริยาช่อง3 เรียกว่า past participle)

  • How fast can he run? (simple form)
  • She ran down the street. (past tense)
  • I need to run to the store. (infinitive verb = to run) มีความหมายเหมือนกับ I need to go to the store.
  • He has run serveral races. (present perfect)

การใช้ run ในโครงสร้าง Present Perfect Tense

  • He has run.
  • She has run.
  • It has run.
  • I have run.
  • You have run.
  • We have run.
  • They have run.

การใช้ run กับเครื่องจักรและน้ำ (machines and water)

  • My car isn’t running.
  • The copier is running.
  • The refrigerator stopped running.
  • The water runs slowly from the faucet. (faucet-ก๊อกน้ำ)
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